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sunnuntai 12. lokakuuta 2014

Fishing Oct.11

Was earlier this week out on Thursday in perfect weather conditions but only for a couple hours fishing after work,windy,foggy,cloudy,rising waterlevel and already some twilight but only fishcontact was an eyecontact of  a +100 cm nice pike swimming in a narrow channel on my way to planned fishing area.

So....Today,standing at the shore staring at a calm surface of a sea which level was at least -30 cm didn't raise my hope too much but,nothing you can do about weather conditions and I had also my friend who I wrote about in my last post with me so if there's no fishes willing to co-operate I at least have some good company so...once again I have to say:Fishing from a yak,good company and good food,it just can't go wrong.
My friend has limited time to be out fishing so without much of a trickery we decided our daily plan and went out not far from the shore and started to fish.

First cast and my friend landed a fish.

Not a bad start.We fished this spot for about 35-40 minutes and even if the fishing was good with my friends three and my one landed fish we decided to try those more known spots.

While we were paddling the sun decided to show up among the clouds and I was able to get a nice photo shoot of my friend.

Also our friend wind decided to wake up,not much but enough to break the all too calm surface which was a welcome thing  to happen.

My friend decided to stop on a place which I decided to skip cause of the wind blowing from a tricky direction,I stopped about two hundred meter further on in a slightly more shelter place.
Had a feeling of a big pike when I anchored here,fished here until my friend arrived,landed a small jack before we decided to take a lunch break.

So,still nothing else than jacks landed but I was still enjoying fishing and being out.
We found a place on a beach with a table and a bench but most of all with a stunning view !!!

This is why I love kayaking,have fishing for years same places and every time I find something new in some way that makes me love kayak fishing more and more.
Not everyday I managed to enjoy sandwiches with these kind of views.

I could have sit here much longer but because we had pretty good fishing we both wanted out to continue fishing and with a schedule with limited time we had planned our trip with short intervals.
stayed on next spot pretty long because we both dropped some fishes couple of times and wanted to get revenge on that.
Anyway we both got our dropped fishes landed but size still far from the potential this place has proofed to have.

We had a good time but clock was ticking and we had time for one stop were my friend landed one and I continued with a pretty annoying thing,dropping fishes,at least six or seven dropped fishes was not a thing I expected to happen,have not had kinda problems before.
Got a idea why I was dropping fishes,I might have to downsize used flies but wanted to go for big guns but might still be a bit too early for that,but the hunt continues.

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