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sunnuntai 10. elokuuta 2014

Spin fishing with my daughter 27.7 2014

Weather here in Scandinavia has been so warm for a long time now that water temps has raised up to over + 24 C degrees so there hasn't been much fishing lately but some small fishing trips last for 2-3 hours has been done and on last Sunday it was time for a trip with my daughter,made it last year too so we could almost call this as a tradition.
Very nice to go out and fish in some kind of "basic" way,not any fancy tricks,just spin casting,need no brains for that :)
Had some new rubbers unused which I thought could get some time in water.

This has became some kind of a highlight of my fishing trips,it's more to be together and have fun then just fishing.
We was out at sea at 11 am and because of the extremely warm conditions we decided to go a bit further out to see if we find some windy and cooler water and after a while driving we found some nice spots to fish.
Right at our first spot I managed to land two small buggers which was nice because fishing at my regular places has been a real pain in the ass lately.
We decided to go even further out and found some spots with gin clear water which gave us pretty decent amount of fishes even if the size could have been much bigger.
But anyway,we had so much fun,we eat and fished and before we knew clock had turned into evening and around 8 pm we decided to pack our bags and go back because the pikes didn't wanted to co-operate anymore but 15-20 landed fishes in these conditions is a amount I still find to be decent.
some random photos from our trip.

Went once out last week too but one landed fish in seven hours ain't much to tell you about except that I almost killed myself.....

This weekend I decided not to fish which I regret deeply already but next weekend I will go out no matter what.
Also longing for some kayak fishing but not sure if it's time for that next weekend,depend of the water temp,not even sure if it's gonna be pike or pearch but one thing is for sure,it's gonna be flyfishing this time.

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