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keskiviikko 20. elokuuta 2014

Going to Jackson,third time lucky

Well,to be honest,even if Johnny Cash and June Carter went there in a song I went up to Nokia near Tampere to http://www.erakettu.com/index.php?section=1 for a visit.
Probably some of at least Finnish readers already guess what I was doing up there,that's correct,I'm now owner of  a new battleship, Jackson BigRig kayak.

This was like opening a Christmas package,so god damn excited.

Oh yes,it's a  Jackson and a Big Rig

Think/hope that this is "THE" yak for me,at least heard only praises of it.
My Wilderness system Ride 135 will still be in family but Jackson will be number one choice now,can't wait until weekend for a testdrive.
This time I took more time to solve out what I really need and what different models have to offer me.Also I wanted a brand that got that good spirit and flow so at the end line there was Hobie PA 14 and Jackson BigRig.
 Hobies Mirage drive was a very interesting thing but finally I decided that I don't really need that,I love to paddle and I also fish in very shallow rocky areas where there's always a risk that it's fins could take some damage,I also fish among reeds and I still would need the paddle.A small concern was also about my fly line tangle around the pedals which I heard not happen too often.
There was many good things about Hobie too so don't get me wrong here,it's probably a excellent choice too but this time I choose Jackson BigRig and I think we will come along great.
I will add here a link for you so you can see what kind of a battleship I'm gonna ride with.

Hopefully I will be able to get out on water next weekend and get some fishing,some photos and some paddling experience.It has been far too long since I last was out with a kayak,have waited for this the whole summer and now waters are slowly but surely cooling down so hoping to get some mam's to check out my cool boat.

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