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lauantai 19. heinäkuuta 2014

Nighttime --> piketime ?

Because we have had so warm here lately pikes hasn't co-operate in a way I would have wanted. I haven't been out as much as I use to be,not that I have been away from teasing them totally,not at all,just not much to tell you about,some photos from latest..

Anyway not as much action that I wanted.At sometimeI decided to try a thing many people have spoke about lately and that's night or late evening fishing,had planned it for some time when I found a friend who was willing to go with me to try it out.
Said and done,watched forecasts and we decided a day suitable for both of us.

Felt pretty excited when we glide away from the dock with my boat 7 pm in a warm sunny weather.
Our plan was to fish different spots while we still had some sunlight with us,and in twilight time move in to a area which is pretty big with lot of baitfish waiting for mama's to come for a late dinner.
I decided to start with my brand new ties,and already with my second cast I managed to land my first fish,hey,this might be a good evening was my thoughts even if it was a small one.

So,the game was on and with the bow motor we slowly cruised behind the shoreline and as soon as I changed my fly to a green/gold I managed to land the second one,dropped one before this.

Expectations went higher and higher now and I felt pretty happy when I noticed that our plan about arriving to our main spot just in twilight realized.

The bow motor had been a bit wonky from the beginning and typically it went totally out of order now when we mostly needed it.
So now we had to move on with the head engine only which I knew would make our fishing much more challenging.
Fished for couple of hours with very little action,I managed to land just one jack while my friend was pretty close to blank which you can see on him =D

"Big or small,love them all" motto was put to the test when we had sky high expectations so even if I feel a bit ashamed of my look I still will add a photo of the last fish caught of the day.

Sorry about that....
After this landed  fish we fished for one and a half hour more without any more action and our focus was more on the very aggressive mozzi's then fishing so at 00,30 we decided to give up but while driving  back to shore we decided to do this kind of trip again but better prepared with some things we really could have used if we just had figure out we would need them like some kind of torch or flashlight and insecticide.
Most of all I need to secure that the bow motor work,or maybe a kayak trip could be the name of the game,who knows.
Ending this post with some random landscape photos.Cheers.

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