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maanantai 18. elokuuta 2014

Thunder,cyclones and rain.

After one weekend out of water I just had to go out and after some study of forecasts I decided to go out on Saturday because there was no thunder or tough wind on the meny.
After one weekend without fishing I was pretty excited when I was driving early on Saturday morning to the shore and was launching my battleship around 9 am.
Water was pretty warm even if it had rain for several days now but while driving sun was shining even if there was some clouds here and there but guess what ?
As soon as I had my boat in water first rain shower was on me and while I was driving out from the dock came the thunder,so fuckin typical of forecast makers.
Anyway,I had came so far so I was no to give up so easy.
Arrived to the first spot and so did the heaviest rain I had seen for years,in seconds I was totally soaked,my wading jacket didn't help a shit.
Rain stopped for a while but the thunder came closer and I decided to fish one more spot and stop fishing even if it hurt.
At my last spot something weird happen,the small breeze disappeared,water level raised about 30 cm in no time and somebody open the tap in heaven again.
The rain was so hard I could not see 10 meter ahead,no need to continue with this and on my way back I saw something I never seen before,a fuckin cyclone,yes,a cyclone and on a day forecasts promised NO rain,NO thunder etc,etc.

It felt both scary and impressive at same time,first it felt that it came closer to me but finally it past me with good margin.
So as you can guess,my FIRST BLANK DRAW for a long time but else what could I wait in this weather and also so short time at water,could not even focus on fishing in that thunder and blaa,blaa blaa....now I have used a very special excuse for blanking,wonder if I ever will make it better.

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