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perjantai 6. joulukuuta 2013

Season over.

So,sitting at home on my couch "celebrating" Finlands 96 birthday in a heavy snowfall and stormy wind finally admitting my season is over,had a plan to go out fishing today but a phone call from a friend confirmed my suspicions were right,shoreline had a ice  cover on it and this heavy wind at latest ruin my plan but funny how I don't feel so devastated I use to feel in these situation.
It might reflect from my outstanding season memories,almost feeling my fishing has raised to a whole new level.
This winter I got a lot to do,biggest thing is to feature my boat for next season,with a Ipilot front engine mounting as a main target,including battery and wires and main switch too,also got some plans to add some rod holders.some smaller things too,like some solution for fly/lureboxes to be easy to get to but still be out of my way,small maintenance to the main engine.

Only one thing annoying me and that,s my latest trip,it was a fuckin blank draw,in other hand,maybe it was a reminder that even a good season include bad days.
Took some landscape photos because the fishes didn't wanted to co-operate.

As you can see on those photos winter was on it's way even then.
I don't have much more to write about right now so I thought to add some photos of my latest ties here,more to come,four to six months time now to tie.

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  1. Hí Johan, now You´ll make new flies like this.
    Enjoy the lot of things at home.