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perjantai 6. joulukuuta 2013

More experiences of fly lines.

It has been a while since I have talked about fly lines,still I'm not an expert of fly-lines but I got some more experiences now a few years later so I can tell you my opinions.
Please notice that what I'm writing about here isn't any absolute truths,just my opinions !!!

Well,what have I learned in these years,at least I have learned that there's big differences in weights even if they are classed for example nine weight,also I have learned something of how different tapering affect my casting.
Also gonna come up with durability which has left me a thought that at least one famous fly-line should do something about it.

My first line (for pike) was a Guideline pike in eight weight which I can't say much about simply because I didn't have any other lines to compare it with,bought it because heard so many praises from many users.
Fished with that until I heard big boys using nine weight equipments and after buying me a casette reel I was able to easily change lines in middle of a fishing session.

Will remember my first nine weight lines were
-RIO Scandinavian pike
-Guideline pike i/s2 ?
-Guideline pike floating

RIO and sink model of Guide was mostly in use and both are IMO good lines,they both fitted all my rods,I might like a bit more RIO line in extreme cold conditions,and don't get me wrong here,RIO will turn to very stiff too but not as much as Guideline did.
Durability of both lines were good,still got Guideline left and RIO came to it's end this spring after 4 years intensive use.

My floating Guideline is still not used a single time,have not needed it.
Vision Big Mama was also tested but didn't like it with big heavy wind resistant pike flies,too thin running line and too long head IMO.
Also my next lines were from Vision,Big Daddy,a natural choice to my Vision Big Daddy rod,they fitted most of my other rods too.Slightly overweighed with a short head but they really matched each other and worked well in freezy conditions too,still wanna point out that no line work perfect in cold water IMO but this was the best I had tried so far.
This combination was mostly my first choice for a long time until a guy built me custom line,or two actually,one slow sink and one fast sink mostly for boat use.
These lines are heavily overweighed,built of a DH shooting head and a running line welded together and works like a full long line in action.
Built from a DH head means that it has to be cut from the back part which means it has no front taper at all which mean it turns over big flies even if your casting technique isn't perfect or if you cast in tough windy conditions like I often do.They also work quiet nice in cold conditions.
If I have to say something negative about these lines it's that they not match all my rods,in fact they fit only my Vision GT4 SW and Big Daddy,well no line is perfect but these are close to it,at least for my use.
Anyway,I had searched for some "normal" lines that could be bought from shops too and after read many praises from different users I felt I need to give a try to RIO Outbound short.
My first experiences from this line was that it felt also heavily overweighed but not annoying much.
It worked well with my both Hardy Zane and Guideline LpXe RS V2 rods and I thought I finally had found it,only action in cold water was a mystery.
Had already heard some rumors of shitty durability but my line was just fine,but suddenly under just one trip big parts of the coating just fell of and left the line core left.

For me it proves that it's not just some few examples that has bad quality,it's a bigger problem with the quality,too many coincidences here.

My latest addd to my line family is Airflo 40+ Sniper for cold water use which has been tested just couple of times so it is a bit early to say anything absolute about it but my first sentiments was it is a bit overweighed,and it felt surprisingly stiff,it wasn't that cold yet,it might be smoother after some more use.

I'm still searching for a perfect line or should I say I'm looking for a perfect rod/line combination,I'm still hoping to get some more tests with my Airflo line with my other rods than just Visions not to mention rumors that there's a new rod/line combo from Vision coming out in February.
Until then my testing will continue.

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