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sunnuntai 29. joulukuuta 2013

Boxing day fishing

Now the weather is really cherish us fishermen,can't remember when I last time was able to fish this time at year,but no complains about that,just to enjoy.
So even today,way too much turkey,casseroles and other Christmas delicacies has been eaten in last two days so it was extra nice to come out in fresh air a bit.
Weather was windy as it had been for several days so no suprice when I saw those big waves when I arrived to the shore.
Only thing that they changed was that I knew that I wasn't able to fish on the windy side at all and to fish in totally calm water which was gin clear would be very challenging.
Decided to paddle to a place that had delivered fishes earlier in autumn,spent many hours there and landed some fishes which was small,in fact very small.
I was a bit frustrated because only a short way from here there was a place which I was almost sure would be some big guns available but because of those big waves I wasn't able to get there.

Not much more to tell you about from this trip I'm afraid.Fished some smaller places on my way back,landed two more XS sized jacks and of course this was to happen too,it was a while since I hooked up myself.

But nothing to worry about,it was barbless so it was just to rip it of and continue to fish.
Didn't for long,felt it was not worth it when you're not able to get to those places you wanted to.
So trip was much shorter than I thought but on other hand,why continue i f you not feel for it,looks like the season still continue.

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