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sunnuntai 28. heinäkuuta 2013

Updates and tying.

So,five days more to go for a new pike adventure I wrote about in my last post,study the shoal on a map closer and with no hurry and noticed it's going to be a tough task to fish every inch of that place in just one day so MAYBE a tent....and two days of fishing could ease the pressure here :)
I'm also unsure if I will fish from my kayak or is it gonna be floating tube

The area is huge,it's about seven km long and nearly two km in wide with reed pockets and rocks both on and under the surface,pot holes here and there but with water level from two to six meter and outside the shoal the water level is from ten to nearly thirty meter so many different fishing situations can be faced.

Have also updated some things behind the scenes which I'm gonna introduce to you now:
First of all I bought me a new DH-rod,Vision Cult 13,8 ft line weight #9.
As a reel to that beauty I choose Vision Tank #11.

Hoping for one Autumn trip to Langinkoski later on...

made also an impulse buy: a ABU rod made of glassfiber for an old reel,maybe some nostalgic fishing sometime...Who knows...

And my latest add is not for just fishing even if I had that in my mind too when I decided to buy me a new car (not a brand new),a Wolkswagen passat,a stationwagon model mostly for my fishing gear.

 Closing in for early Autumn fishing too so even if I really didn't need new flies I still wanted to tie some.
These are tied in Niklaus Bauer style  with dry fly hackle,big fly fiber and Lateral scale as a tail,then different flash in a dubbing loop and finally Sculpin wool as head except that green/gold fly which has Marabou as head because I didn't had any orange colored Sculpin wool.

Hope to get these flies in test in front of judges next weekend,especially the green/gold because I have not caught too many fishes with that combo even if I have heard so much praise for it.
It might be my next mission,a pike with green/gold.

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  1. Hí Johan, welcome. Congratulations for your holidays. I saw your pikes & photos. Nice.
    Good luck with news rods and I like WW Passat, I like StationWagon cars.
    Now we are "hot", and I will fish pike in autumn.