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torstai 11. heinäkuuta 2013

3 days of fishing.

Was a bit afraid if the water has become too warm for pike fishing but decided anyway go out paddling  with some coffee and food with me just in case that my day would turn into a fuckin picknick instead of fishing.
I had a four day off from fishing because last time I was fishing I got me a bad..no...I mean BAD !!! sunburn on my legs which was aching so much I barely could walk.

But everything except the weather was fine for some fishing/paddling so out on the water was the name of the game.
The weather was extremely hot so I had no big expectations for today  but I love to be out at sea so no panic.
paddled around casting every now and then,landed some small jacks,took some photos and just enjoying the silence and the landscapes.

After a couple of hours paddling around I stepped on a small islet to eat something,and while I was eating I noticed that the wind went stronger and stronger and after 15 minutes there was whitecaps on the waves.
Now I started to believe that I could land some bigger fishes but very soon I found that it was too dangerous to continue fishing so I paddled along the shoreline back and ended this trip.FUCK YOU WEATHERMEN !!!!!!!!

Next day seemed to to be a bit better even if it was very hot there was at least some light breeze so....why not.

Knew the wind direction and planned my trip on that base.
from the first three-four hours there's not much to tell you about,some small jacks and coffee breaks.

Was already about to give it up but decided to checkout one more place and go home for dinner.
Thank god I decided to fish this place,landed three pretty decent sized fishes in no time.let my kayak drift along the shoreline and about two hundred meters before the end a train hit my fly and I knew it was more then just a "nice" pike,put some pressure on the fish and with a landing net I managed to land the fish before it was too exhausted.
a nice 102 cm mam was the result of the last spot.Fishing feel so good right now.

It's always nice to end fishing after a 100 cm (39 inch) fish.

Next morning when I woke up I had a strange feeling inside me,I wasn't sure if I wanna go fishing,had me some breakfast while I was looking out from my livingroom window.
The sky was grey,no wind,very hot.
after an hour of thinking should I go or not I finally decided to go.

I was at the shore about 10 am and a 150 km driving changed the weather too,it was sunny,not so warm because of a pretty fresh wind and of course it was against me first 4 km:s but it console me a bit to think that on my way home I'm gonna go with a tailwind.

Anyway,it was very heavy to paddle so I was in a need for a break right after the first planned spot which gave me a blank draw after an hours trying.
 I wanted to have something to eat but not in my kayak,saw a small islet and decided to have my break on it.

i felt much better after some sandwiches and coffee and started to paddle to my next spot which wasn't too far away.
Not too far before I landed my first one and a minute after that I dropped two in a row,fished a couple of spots until I arrived to my final destination,expectations was sky high....
Two hours later and only four small buggers was definitely not what I expected from this place...
I was sooooooooo fuckin disappointed I needed a second break right now......

While I was drinking some coffee I desperately tried to figured out what to do,got two solutions:
Number one was to paddle back to the shore which was almost first on my list.
Number two was to go a bit further to a place which I had not fish for a while.
I decided to paddle back......Paddled about hundred meters before I suddenly changed my mind,fuck,I'm on holiday,where and why hurry,took me about twenty minutes to get to my destination.
Weather had also  changed from sunny to cloudy and the wind was even more fresh then at morning,whitecaps here and there,thought about my paddling back,4 - 4.5 km with a sidewind and rest 5 km: with tailwind.
Biggest issue was:is there a thunder on it's way?

I was here now and nothing I could do about it anymore,looked at my watch,an hour max to fish.
Started to fish among the reed but after about 30 minutes I had only one contact which I dropped just behind my kayak,a very small one so no matter.
Changed the position a bit and with my third cast just outside the bed of reed I felt a heavy hit and the battle was on.
A very aggressive mam who dived under the kayak,30 meter long runs into the reeds,at one time I thought I dropped it and that my lure had twisted itself round some reed.I ripped and ripped and felt she was still hooked,Oh boy what a ride but after some minutes she was landed.
Could not get an exact measure of her but somewhere between 100 and 106 cm,who care,a big gun at least for me.

As you can see she didn't wanted to co-operate in photos either.
This really made my day,decided to start paddling home,but just a couple casts more and with my third or fourth cast (can't remember) BOOM, once again a heavy hit,
Not a big fight with this one as with the first one but man.....for some of you this might be ordinary but for me it was fishing of my life,second +100 cm in 15 minutes,third in two days.

NOW it really was time to stop,felt so damn good I didn't wanted to ruin everything with "empty" casts.
The wind from side didn't felt bad at all,my thoughts was completely somewhere else.
Wonder what this fella thought about my paddling back to shore with a big stupid smile on my face.

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