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perjantai 26. heinäkuuta 2013

Summer 2013 Memories

Have to admit that my summer season is over but what a season,9  +100 cm fishes landed and a bunch of fishes between 90-99 cm made this season my best ever.
Not only the fishes made this summer memorable,also my paddling trip to my early childhood fishing places were nice and a pretty small jack was my most memorable fish in many years,about 40 years since I caught my first pike here.

Also my bad sunburn will get a place in my memories,like my bleeding thumb too.
I can't really find nothing but nice memories from this summer and a big thank's to that belong to my kayak,a Commander 140 which opened a whole new world for me.
My fishing is not anymore just fishing,it's a combination of silence,no hurry,enjoing nature,landscapes and taking photos and my latest add is to make my trips cosy and peaceful is to have real warm food in a food thermos with me,waiting for cold autumn afternoons sitting on some small islet eating real warm  food and listen to the silence and feel nature getting ready for the long cold winter.
Anyway,have made some collage of "better fishes" and some other things from summer 2013

This weekend will not be anything else but work but next weekend will be an early season opener for my Autumn season,and I hold my fingers crossed up to my elbow that me and my brothers plan will become true.
We found on a map a huge shoal pretty far out from the shoreline.We gonna go with boat to a islet close to that shoal and from the islet we gonna go fishing with floating tubes or maybe I will use my kayak,have to see weather conditions...Can't wait,stay tuned :)

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