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perjantai 19. heinäkuuta 2013

15.7 Fishing of my life.

Once again I have to keep a pause in my fishing because of different reasons,no wind and extremely hot on top of all reasons.
Was very early out at sea this morning and even if the forecast promised some wind and a bit cooler there was no wind at all and a air temp around 20 c degrees already at 7 am,not what I wanted but nothing I could do about it so......
I was just about to launch my kayak when my brother called me,he was out fishing with some of his friends and we decided to meet at  one of mine spot.
With no wind at all paddling was quick and easy,I came to a shoal and made just one cast and to my surprise I managed to land a very small jack with my first cast on a place I never had succeed earlier,maybe not a bad day after all.
Made some more tries but nobody home anymore.
Paddled to our meeting point and talked to guys but no fishes for them this morning.
We were fishing on a spot that has been kinda productive this year but with no wind and five guys fishing a small area wasn't that fun I would have loved to continue,maybe I should have....
i wasn't too far when  in a short time get two messages of some decent sized mam's caught in no time,well,you can' always win.
Went on trying to find some windy places and no long before I came to a place were i had a + 100 cm landed not so long ago.
A small breeze but at least in right direction made me parking here,at least until I found something better to do.
Fished some time here and landed 6-7 pikes but the size was XXXS.Here was really a lot of these small buggers.

No need to stay here longer teasing these baby's so I decided to have a lunch and while eating my brother and his friend arrived but when I told them here was only baby's they decided to go on to a bay not long way from here.
After finishing my lunch I slowly started to paddle after them but stopped at a reed edge to let them finish their fishing first,at this spot I landed my biggest fish so far at this trip,probably at least 60 cm.....

Well,soon I saw my brother and his friends came out from that bay waving me goodbye so I decided to paddle in but started to from the other end than they did.
Can't describe the feeling but somehow I had faith in this place and believe me or not but after some minutes I had a real fight partner at the other end of the line,and minutes after that I posed with a ma'm measured 106 cm.

My "dream season" seem to continue,oh maaaaaaan this really made my day but there was more to come.
from the same anchoring some casts later among all reed I felt a big heavy tug and If possible this ma'm was even more aggressive then the first one,she made a super nice jump high up from the water,and "danced" on the surface with only her tail touched the water,shame I didn't have my GoPro cam with me.

A 102 cm very skinny ma'm Made this day to one of my best this summer,Had to just sit and enjoy this feeling,it might be ordinary stuff for someones but for me this was dream fishing.
Had me some coffee and sandwiches and wonder should it be better stop fishing here with a superb feeling or just continue even if it could be blank from now on.
Had my kayak in perfect position to cast in every direction so I decided to make some more casts,dropped some small ones,landed some small ones and I was just about to move on couple meters when i once again felt something bigger at the end of the line and even if it wasn't a + 100 cm it was big enough for me to call this a "big gun" and made this to my most memorable day for a long time

Even if there would have been hours to fish I decided to not tempt fate,no need to be too rapacious now when I already have had the time of my life so I started to slowly paddle back to the shore with a big smile on my face and with a happy mind,this is how all hobby should feel.

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