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maanantai 20. elokuuta 2012

A step by step tie

just wanted to share some tying instructions of a pattern that has worked very well on my last sessions,this color showed here almost beat the Black/Silver combo last spring and delivered second most last weekend ,right after Black/Purple combo.

For this pattern I prefer one with a bit longer shank Sakuma Manta 546 long shank in size 6/0,don´t have to tie all materials so close to each other which gives more movement in water.
What you need is:

-Big Fly Fibre
-Flash (Mirage is outstanding on this)
-Lateral scale
-Body Fibre
-UV-resin or Epoxy (don´t wanna argue which is better,all up to you)
-3D Eyes

First I use to cover the shank with tying thread.

Add first bunch of Bucktail.(if you got good quality of it you dont have to use hollow style)

Then add small bunches of Big fly fibre evenly round the shank and taper the tail.

Now you can add some flash.I use to do it in a loop because the fly will last longer and it´s easier to get the material evenly round the shank,it´s even nice to mix different flash if you want to.Tying in a loop is not necessary either.

Now as you can see I have to tie next bunch of Bucktail with hollow style because this piece was too soft.

Then the second loop with flash,a little bit shorter then the first one.

We getting nearer the hook eye now,add one piece of lateral scale on both side of the fly.

Add small bunches of Body fibre evenly round the shank,DON´T ADD TOO THICK BUNCHES!!!
otherwise it will kill the movement of the fly.
And it´s good to brush them a bit before tying them.

Now your fly is ready if you want to but for some reason i always wanna add a UV-resin or Epoxy head and of course 3D eyes too,not necessary but makes the fly look better.
After the head is ready it´s time to introduce your creations to the judges under the surface.Think they will love it :)

Tight lines.

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