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sunnuntai 19. elokuuta 2012

Lovisa Archipelago 18-19.8 2012

So...Two days fishing behind and have to say that it was enjoyable,even if Saturday morning din´t start to well,and now in retrospect I have to wonder how STUPID can a man be? I saw there was fog coming,I knew it was thick and still I jumped in my boat and went out at sea,after two minutes I was lost,completely lost.I didn´t had clue were the hell I was,and those readers who has been with me fishing know how rocky those waters are.This was the wiew from drivers seat....

It was pretty scary I must say,Thank god I did not start to panic,i could think pretty clearly so I decided to take a right turn and I knew that the shoreline has to come against me sooner or later,drove very carefully and soon I saw the shoreline.....
Wait....I know were I am,I need to take a little more to left and there´s my first fishing spot....what,this isn´t were I thought I was,anyway,I slowly let the boat glide into that bay and now it was time to throw the anchor and sit down to wait and take a cup of coffee.

After an hour and three cups of coffee there was an small breeze blowing and I was finally able to see the landscape,and oh man,no way I was able to get away yet But I didn´t need to hurry either.looked like a fishing spot.

Why not do some fishing while waiting for the fog to blow away.started with spinnerbaits first and landed some small buggers,used a paddle to move closer to the shore and started to fly fish but landed only one fish but bigger then with spinners.

Two hours later There wasn´t much left from the fog and it was time to study were the hell I was.Well I was pretty close to the place I thought I first was so a short drive later I could start from spot A.

I was hoping for little more help from the wind but no,had to get along with this almost calm weather,just a tiny little breeze.
Fishing was though,just as I thought but still I was able to land about six or seven pikes before the nature decided that it was enough with fishing for now and attacked me with a heavy thunder and now it was the right time to have a lunch break at my cottage.My both brothers with their wives had arrived to clean all three shacks and I had also to do my part of the cleaning and have to say it was worth it.
I found a box with some old home made lures I made years ago,didn´t even remember I had them anymore,nice....

Anyway,my shack was cleaned and I had me a bite and time to drag my ass out fishing again,weather was sunny,calm so no big expectations on but fishing was pretty good anyway.I was a bit surprised.And surprised that my black/purple fly worked so well,it was meant to cloudy and dark conditions.

It was nice fishing but even a nice day come to it´s end and while the sun slowly fell to the horizon I drove back to my cottage for a well earned dinner and a couple cups of coffee and some sleep.

I slept well,in fact VERY well,woke up 6.30 am and made me some sandwiches and coffee.while i was eating I looked out from window and saw a dark,grey sky with a light breeze,at this stage my expectations was better then yesterday and after I finished my breakfast I went out at sea again.

I started from couple of well known places and landed some fishes but it felt though anyway.

After a couple of hours fishing the wind turned of and the surface turned totally calm and the fishing went even more though,could not land a single fish from my regular places so I started to find some new instead and I found a place that might be a real hot spot when the water temp cool down a lot from todays +19 degrees.

Landed one fish from here but after a month or so I have a feeling here you are able to find some big guns.

At this stage my back was hurting a lot so I decided to stop the fishing for the weekend and take a short break before driving back to the shore and start driving back home prepare for the forthcoming week that I have to spend at work,but have to say that it was nice to relax the whole weekend with fishing,I think I can handle the five forthcoming days at work now.

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