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perjantai 17. elokuuta 2012

Thoughts before next session.

Sittin her and writing just to calm down a little.I´m so excited that tomorrow I will go for a two days trip to my cottage and flyfishing for pike,actually for the first time this year.
Have tied some new flies which was not made for this trip but will still find their way to the judges under the surface tomorrow.

My last trip to lovisa archipelago was pain in the ass,all pikes were deep among all weeds so even if I heard them and even saw some it was almost impossible to reach them with both flies or spinnerbaits.

Fished for at least five hours with only three landed fishes,two with spinners and one with fly.
This time I´ll try only with flies even if I got me a parcel from Sweden,Söder sportfiske to be exact including four packages of Savagear Real eel softbaits,will be tried next time because I really longing for some flyfishing right now.
Some photos from last session.

I don´t have big expectations from the two next days,looking forward to lay out some line and enjoy....

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