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keskiviikko 9. toukokuuta 2012

Lovisa 5-6/5-2012.Monkey is of.

As the title say I landed my first fish for the season 88 cm/4.3 kg:s last weekend.Why I write about it 4 days later is because first I was without internet connection and right after they fixed that my NEW computer just didn´t wanna start and yesterday I took it to a repairman and I´ll have to get along without my own computer from three to six weeks. Anyway,about my weekend fishing.On Saturday morning I went out to Lovisa archipelago once again to shake of that monkey from my back and started with a quick sight at a place I know pikes are spawning,could not hear any noise of spawning(which was good) while i just sit in my boat drinking a warm cup of coffee enjoying the silence,weather was warm and calm so not too big expectations for any catch but I was wrong. Had no anchor so I just let the boat drift while i was enjoying my coffee.the water depth was not more than one meter.Suddenly I saw at least ten small pikes slowly swim into that bay where I was just about to leave so I knew the spawning wasn´t too far anymore.It looked amazing seeing a armada of pikes swimming so close to my boat I´ve could have touch them if I wanted to. About 50 meters outside the bay in middle of old waterplants I put the anchor were it belong -->in the water and began to compile my equipments including a brand new line built by Lauri Selenius (a master in line building)floating running line and slow sink head and started to fish. Not many casts before I felt something at the other end of the line but because of the waterplants I wasn´t sure was it a fish or some weed.Suddenly I saw a big splash and a small bugger turned around just in front of me,oh...so close. Same thing was repeated several times until I changed my hook from single to one with a trailer hook,yeah,now were talking. Not many casts before my rod bended a lot,this time I knew it was a fish at the other end and 30 seconds later a beautiful Ma´m was visiting inside of my boat.88 cm:s/4.3 kg:s was the stats of my first catch of the season.C&R of course. It felt better to stand and sit after that,what was it?Oh yeah of course,it was the monkey who was of my back :))) I fished for many hours and had a fish now and then but the first one was the biggest and once again I have to say that I dropped all too many fishes,small ones but...not good anyway. On Sunday my brother was with me and believe me or not but only with flyfishing equipments,well in that jungle jerkbaits would not have been so useful anyway. Felt a bit sorry first for him cause of his 3-5 meter long casts but after some hours casting practice it started to look good,only his first fly catch was missing. I had four or five small buggers when I saw a BIG pike swimming just after my brothers fly and right behind the boat it attacked but my brother wasn´t able to land it,what a first catch it would have been,+100 cm:s for sure,maybe a 20 pounder?? who knows. We fished around nine hours on Sunday and landed 16 pikes at the weekend,so sorry my brother didn´t manage to land any but he was very happy anyway,there will perhaps not be any Fly VS jerk fights anymore but who care,to have fun is the main thing. Photos....I have a LOT of photos on my camera but I´m not able to transfer them to this computer,maybe my daughter could do it when she arrive home. Tomorrow I had plans to go fishing again IF the weather or should I say wind is calm enough for FLYFISHING FOR PIKE.

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