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maanantai 28. toukokuuta 2012

Fishing 27/5 2012.Pikemania

This day was memorable,absolutely stunning,six hours fishing and at least thirty landed pikes and also some dropped fishes,among them a +100 cm fish.
No matter if I fished from windy or calm side the pikes were absolutely crazy.Only difference was that the size was bigger on the windy side.Fished only four spots but those spots were carefully chosen before I went out at sea.
The weather was against good fishing,sunny + 20 degrees and a small breeze,but sometimes it seems to work fine,would never thought this day would turn to a great fishing day.

Started 9 am at spot number one and cause to the weather I did not rush,instead I poured me a cup of coffee and took a look in my flyboxes and tried to figure out which color i should start with,first I wanted to test one of my new ties pink/white with a trailing hook,couple of casts but of some reason I did not had the faith in it so a change of it.Sunny day and in this place the water was pretty clear so how about orange/black? Hell yeah,why not.

Fished for maybe an hour,landed two small buggers,had some coffee enjoyed the life,suddenly I saw some small fishes,there were hundred of them,i was almost sure that there must be predators very close now.
The small fishes got silver colored stomach and a black back so now it was time to change the fly to my reliable black/silver combo.
While I was changing the fly i saw those small fishes starting to move around like headless chickens and as soon I got my fly out I felt that someone accepted my offer,a XS-bugger but the game was on,not too long before the second visit my boat.

from that moment those pikes turned crazy,I landed a lot of fishes,dropped some,anyway, they attacked my fly over and over again until it was totally raped.

Not much left of it :)))

So, i had to take a new look in my boxes and I set my sight to my new tie,a variation from Bulky flash slider which I named to Saver,and I have to say that that fly was worth it´s name.
It catch a lot of fishes and have to say hat the movement was very nice.
here is some photo shoots from this session,have no idea if there is photos from other trips too or if there is photos of the same fish,downloaded almost hundred photos from my phone and camera but anyway......

The Saver was busy.

It was fun,very fun but I still decided to drive to spot number two but it made no other difference then the size was slightly bigger her on the windy side,or let´s say it was a light breeze,not wind,anyway the size here was between two and four kilos.

I had one train classed pike hooked but after two failed chin grips I decided to use my landing net and of some reason just before I got the net in water the fly just came off and I just stood there fumed watched a +100 cm pike slowly glide away,well....it wasn´t meant for me I guess.

I landed some smaller fishes and suddenly I was privileged to see a sight that I have never seen before and probably will never see it again.
I made a cast close to the shore where the water surface was calm and I saw the fly all the way while stripping the line,just a few meter left I saw a small pike following the fly very close,had no line left so I moved my rod instead but it never attacked it when suddenly from nowhere I saw a monster just moved in and took the smaller pike and.....it was over,very exciting to see a thing like that.
Now I knew here was some decent sized pike too.

This spot was nice,these pikes was able to bend my Big Daddy more or less :)))

Well,it was fun but everything comes to a end so even this session,one more spot just about two hundred meters from this and even if I landed two fishes with three casts the size was getting smaller but that was not the reason I decided to stop,here is one reason:

And the whole day without anything to eat,just some water and juice had made me a bit weak so it was time for some BBQ and then to get something on my arms.
some more photos,the saver just after tie,will put in a SBS of it soon,I really loved the movement of this.

then some random photos from trips this weekend.

And even the Saver start to look a little dizzy.

And while checking the fly I noticed that my leader wasn´t at it best either,thank god I did not get the fish of my life with


This was truly a memorable day.but now I will have a couple days with flytying,need some black/silver combos and will certainly tie also some Savers in different colors.

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  1. Hello Johan, congratulations for "Pike´s day"
    Greetings, David

  2. Awesome and very informative blog! Keep it up and more power to you!

  3. Thnx for your kind words.Glad you like it.