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sunnuntai 27. toukokuuta 2012

Trying to relax.

I just went from sauna and bubble bath,have me a beer so it should not be surprise that I´m feeling fine.
Yesterday on Friday I went fishing after a crappy day at work and of some reason I first just enjoyed the silence and beautiful nature before I started to fishing and found some more differences then just technical.It´s very much mental too,at least for me.
It feels kinda funny that when I´m using spincasting it´s always three or four casts at one spot and if there´s nobody home then quickly to the next spot to give a new try but when flycasting I´m feeling more relaxed and no hurry anywhere,I´m often fishing only one spot without pressure to land a pike and when I´m fishing just one spot I use to be more accurate and It´s not unusual that I´m getting better results on one spot then driving around like a headless chicken.

One thing to mention is that I´ve had so much stress lately at work and unfortunately I have taken it with me sometimes out to the sea too,even when I´m fly fishing I have not could relax until yesterday,thank god I have only next week at work before my vacation starts,I really feel I´m in need for it now.
Anyway,went out last Friday with calm down as my main target.Fished only one carefully thought spot,fished it pretty accurate and landed three pikes in four hours,felt relaxed while driving home.

This morning I started with a visit at our local bakery early in the morning,newly-baked bread and some coffee gave me a good start to this Saturday.
I drove to Lovisa and jumped into my boat and took of to another carefully thought spot with two and a half hour to fish before it was time to get to my cottage and sort out everything there before my three week long vacation starts.

Water level was low but to my surprise the watertemp was much colder then I thought it would be,even after several days of sunshine and temps over twenty degrees the water temp was only between nine and eleven degrees,that´s probably why the fishes has still been found in shallow water.
Had me a cup of coffee before I started to fish and like on Friday the pikes was in very low water,in no more then 40 cm:s depth.There were two issues,first of all,the water was covered with birch pollen which made the water look like some green pudding.
Second issue was that the pikes were not too interested in my fly at all,I saw one or more pikes follow my fly several times but no one attacked it at the first hour,after that I landed a pike who compete of the title:My smallest ever pike no more then about 30 cm,maybe two inches longer then my fly,hooked on the trailer hook (#2 Maruto Carphook).

Time was running out so there were no more fishes and I went to my cottage and spent the rest of the day there and now everything is ready there too for my vacation,have a plan to go fishing tomorrow,hopefully the weather would be fine.

I´m so sorry for no photos here,I have at least 50 photos on my camera and my phone but not able to download them on this computer(without my daughters help).
Have photos from my fishing and some new flies,would love to share them,I´m living in a hope I´ll get my laptop next week.

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