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maanantai 21. toukokuuta 2012

Fishing and OPINIONS :)

13 days without my own computer now and I start to feel slightly pissed of now,don´t know how to attach photos from this piece of shit for example,and try to ask of a teenager if it´s okay if daddy want to loan her laptop.... Anyway,there have been some fishing at least,three trips to be exact.Nothing revolutionary to tell but some things like my last session on last Saturday when I made a pure and simple blank draw,it has always been tough times when it´s not Spring anymore but not Summer either.I simply can´t find those damn pikes that time,I tried from shallow water,deep water.Windy side,calm side.No matter if I fished among water plants or open water,not even rocky water made no difference.When your fishing goes like that you would be grateful even for a tiny small little bugger on the other end of the line. And now to the Friday fishing,it was as tough as my story above except that it was not a blank draw but almost..... I had a interesting conversation with Simon Graham some time ago talkin about tubeflies,or their hooks to be exact. I made a "promise" to fish with only tubes this season and so I have done so far,but on that Friday I broke that promise After I dropped some fishes I decided to try a "normal" fly and BANG,a few minutes later I landed a XS sized bugger,coincidence or not...you tell me,anyway when your fishing is tough you or at least I don´t wanna drop the perhaps only fish for the day so I´ll have to go back to the drawing board again or change back to hookies again,there´s one issue with that: I have tied hundreds of flies on tube :))),what the hell am I gonna do with them? Then to a thing that bother me slightly and that´s the lack of respect for other fisherman´s opinions. Read here the other day of a guy who landed a HUGE pike on amazing 19,2 kg:s,nothing wrong so far but his next decision had even bigger effect,he killed it..... After what I have heard he has recived death threats and other in my opinion very stupid feedbacks. What I mean here is...even if 99%(me included) of us would have released that fish we have to remember one thing:he has not done anything illegal,and that´s the point,it´s an opinion VS opinion,not a wrong or right opinion,so threatning someones life...can´t even find the words. And the same thing on a other site,normal hooks VS barbless hooks,this list could go on and on to the end of days You can have your opinion heard in other ways too,it´s just about listening to each others opinions. One example from my own "fishing career" is from a couple of years ago when I put some photos from a fishingtrip up on a Swedish site(edgeflyfishing)There was one photo of a pike lying on a bench in my boat,one guy commented on that pic:have you ever tried Rapala weighing bag?The pike would probably feel better and not to mention that it would help you to keep your boat clean. He didn´t start the comment by You stupid amateur or anything like that,he did not criticized my photo in any way,he just told his opinion and guess what?today I´ll have a weighing bag with me when I go fishing. So,enough with this nagging,enjoy your fishing,no matter if you using spin cast or fly fishing.Let´s listen and learn from each other,hopefully our fishing will be even more enjoyable.

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