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sunnuntai 29. huhtikuuta 2012

Lovisa 28.4 2012

Gave the title of this post a long thought because....well it was nice to get out with my boat on familiar water but in other ways it was kinda disaster. The weather,sunny,warm and very windy,once again:fuck the forecasts,before I went fishing it says 4-6 m/s,3 hours later 9-11 m/s,it´s ridiculous. Well the water then,murky,turbid.forgot to take my sonar with me so i don´t know the water temp but it was cold,if you don´t believe just ask my friend who was with me :))) And the fishing:not much to tell you about,we fished on windy sides,on calm sides,low water and deep water,among water plants,on open water and in rocky water,and the result was:Not a single hit either on flies or jerk baits and lures. One hit with the boat on a underwater rock and as a nice end of this trip my friend fell in water when we tried to dock for a lunch/toilet break. Right now I´m so disappointed and pissed of i don´t know will I fish today on Sunday or will I leave it to next weekend. This is exactly the reason I hate to get those skyhigh expectations for any trip,the disappointment can be huge,well,i guess things will get better,there´s a long season ahead to go,here´s some photo shoots from lovisa archipelago.

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