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torstai 10. toukokuuta 2012

Photos from last trip and some tying.

Wind up to 14 m/s at my spots so instead of fishing there will be some tying today,also need to wash my fly lines and other small things so everything is ready for the next session,next week the spawning is probably over. And BTW,thanks to my daughter I can put some photos here on my blog from the last trip.
And sorry for this photo,alone in the boat and wanted to release the fish fast because the off hooking took all too long in my opinion so had no time to do it better this time.
And the color of the day...surprisingly black/silver,with this fly I landed 10 of 16 pikes.
. Some more catches.
Here is a pic from Sunday,a dead pike with some kind of damage on it´s side.Wonder what could have cause it? No other wounds as far as I could see.
And from fishing to tying: First a traditional Red/white which delivered a pike first time ever for me.
Sadly I lost this fly on Sunday but tied a new one on Sunday evening,need to have one in my box from now on :) More traditional colors.
And traditional seems to be the name of the game.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Nice pictures and flies. 16 pike sounds like a hell of a day. Doubt I've caught that many in one day.

  2. Thanks Jeff,avtually they were catched on two days,11 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday but yes,even 11pikes on one day is very good day for me.
    Have done many blank draws too :) It's all about to find the pikes.

  3. That pike is not wounded, it has a nice pink lymphosarcoma! :) It's a cancer but don't worry, it's nearly harmless. The fish will live and the meat is still edible.

  4. Ok,but of some reason this one was dead.We didn't catch it,we saw it lying upside down in shallow water.Strange...

  5. Must have died of something else, maybe spawning stress? Normally fish with this disease are still healthy and active http://paperfishbiology.blogspot.com/2010/11/linfoma-e-linfosarcoma-halloween.html