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keskiviikko 6. kesäkuuta 2012

Back to reality and some new ties

As I expected I had to get my feet back on ground at my last trip out to our beautiful archipelago,four hours and three landed fishes and surprisingly only one dropped fish,fished with normal flies tied on hooks.

There has not been much of fishing lately because of very hard winds lately,one day up to 19 m/s so if I would have gone fishing I could for sure have forget about flyfishing.
But I have not been lacy,have done a lot of things that should have been done a long time ago like my sauna maintenance for example,have been so "busy" there have not been time to fix or repair things here at home but it had to be done so.....

I mean..things like this are driving me crazy:

A screwdriver and ten seconds time ---> fixed.How lacy can a man get?
And why stop when you get your engine running,fixed the whole sauna inclusive an in-depth cleaning.

Enough with homework for a while,as I wrote in my last post the new tie worked very well and of course I had to tie some more of them too,and BTW I´m working on a SBS of it so if you are interested stay tuned.

here´s one for Rainy and cloudy conditions,traditional black/red.

And a allrounder,Black/purple,work´s fine from late spring to end of the season

every collection need a silver/black variation,this is supposed to go as a Herring.

That will be all for tonight,need some sleep before tomorrow when I have plan to go fishing,at least if the forecasts keep their promise.
Small breeze blowing just from the right direction so this should be the right spot tomorrow.

And hey,it´s officially summer now,time for friends and good food :).Here´s my menu when my daughter was visiting me.

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  1. Nice flies. What basic materials are you using?

  2. Thanx Jeff.If we talkin about just basic materials its first Bucktail,then Flash in a loop and finally covered with a material called Body fibre,it´s kind of Slinky fibre but slightly softer,awsome movement in water.