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tiistai 3. huhtikuuta 2012

Too much thoughts instead of fishing.

While writing this post every Pikefishers beloved springtime has take some steps backward.Last week it really looked good and I already had a hope that I would have been able to launch my boat this or maybe next week but yesterday I woke up at 3.30 am and noticed that my black backyard had turn to white in form of 10 cm thick blanket of snow,in middle of Finland it was worse than so,up to 20 cm snow.I can´t describe the feeling I had while driving to work in that heavy snowfall. Well,hopefully it was the last time for a while when I have to wake up in the middle of the night and go to work and plowing snow.It might be so but looking at forecasts I just wanna cry :((( -10 degrees promised tomorrow morning.Oh fuckin shit is all I can say!!! As I was mentally prepared for a trip to Lovisa archipelago but not be able to do so I have had some time to think some dark thoughts :) and of course tie some flies. To start,I noticed a thing witch I don´t know if it´s good or not:I ran out of Bug Bond so I decided to use my epoxy before I order some more UV-Resin. While I tried to make a nice head to a fly I remember why I quit using epoxy,you all probably know why... But one thing I also noticed is that Bug Bond smells a hell lot more than epoxy.Flies that I tied several months ago still got that smell,unsure whether it affecting my fishing.I have not heard anyone complaining so I think I will still use Bug bond as soon until my epoxy runs out. Here´s some new flies:
This fly seems to be my normal pattern that use to tie but I´ve added some new materials from Nordic Angler called Twisted flash and Glow Hair,Very nice and useful materials both. and a more "normal" fly from my vice.
Then a fly witch in smaller size has caught many Seatrouts (not by me)so in bigger size it could work for Pikes too.Tied this one just for fun and cause I was bored but after a bath test I have some serious thoughts of this pattern too,extremely slow sink might turn this fly to real killer in cold conditions.I know these flies has been used for long time but this the first one from me and if I found quality bucktail I definately will tie some more of these.
Some more thoughts :)...Always when I have bought a new line it has been a line witch the salesmen recommended as a Pikeline like RIO:s Scandinavian Pike or Vision Big Daddy ETC,ETC but I just bought me two new lines:Rio Outbound WF9 F and a RIO Dart WF 8 S3 witch will be tested hopefully soon. I read a simple question about the size of Pikeflies some days ago and it made me think of a post I wrote a long time ago here in this blog. 35 years ago when you went out to catch the monster Pike you used a ABU Atom lure,almost 12 cm:s long and a weight of 42 gram.....In these days you could use it as a Pearch lure,if you belive all those salesmen.Now it seems that Jerkbaits up to 180 gr and 25 cm is most effective,or is it? Don´t know but what I know is that at least my flies has been bigger and bigger all the time.Take a look:
Or even better example :)))
Do they really have to be 18-25 cm:s?I have several times caught a pike with a mouth full of small fishes from 3-4 cm:s long.I have not an answer to this either but anyway I have a box with some smaller(8-10 cm:s)flies tied on a TMC 8089 #2 hook and decided to tie some smaller flies also on tubes here´s one of them:
It´s tied on my favourite synthetic material Body Fibre and is about 10 cm long,at least it will be more easy to cast then those flies big as a Seagulls :) Couple more of these will still be tied. Here you can see the difference between my "normal" flies and the smaller one:
I think it´s enough with complaining for one day now,I´ll have much more in my mind but saving it for the next time :) Thank´s for reading.... I WAN`T TO CHUCK SOME FLUFF.....I would really need it.

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  1. Hello Djuza, you have my sympathy concerning the weather. But it keeps you tying, by the way, I like the second one very much.
    And I never use pike fly lines, my idea is that they’re made for trout fishermen who fish for pike now and then. When you cast a big pike fly like you cast a trout fly, then they can be useful, but the casting is just very different.
    The way the size of the flies is changing is something I witnessed too. Last year my average pike fly was still about 12-13 cm. this year it’s about 16-17 cm. Why? It’s a fact that you can create more movement with a longer tail, but if that’s the only reason? I don’t know either.
    Oh, and did I ever mention that the posts where you get grumpy are usually the most funny ones to read? :)