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sunnuntai 8. huhtikuuta 2012

Still waiting....

As it look now it might be possible to go out fishing for pike after a week or two,days are mostly warm but -10 degrees at nights makes the ice melting a bit slower but before May it should be melted away so it´s about same time as last year when my season starts for real. Well there has been time for boat maintenance and some tying and tomorrow if everything go as I planned I will go fishing to Lauttasaari again,or should I say practicing my casting skills,don´t really believe I could get any fish from there. Have tried some different patterns but to be honest I have not felt comfortable whit any of them,difficult to explain,I mean...I read a nice article from Markus Männistö who is an experienced pikefisher and he published a SBS guide of his slinky tube,it´s not that I don´t believe in that pattern,it sure works,no doubt about that.I just don´t like to do an exact copy of some pattern,want to put something "own" in it too. Anyway,that article inspired me to tie this one.
As you can see it´s not a lookalike but you also can see the influence from that pattern. Another thing that creeps in my mind over and over is the size of the flies.As I wrote in my last post I have tied some smaller flies on tube too and now I tied some more of my favourites in two sizes to test if the big one is really better......
I´m not going to do any rocket science about this "test" I´m just curious to see if there´s big differences in catches. Also bought me some new tackleboxes and now I have sorted out my flies and my season will be dominated by two patterns.One is inspired from Niklaus Bauers Transformer fly and the second is a mix inspired from Niklaus Bauers Sheephead and from the same guys another fly which name I don´t know,added with some influence from Simon Grahams Replot stinger.Of these three flies I have grabbed a bit of this and a bit of that and call it Regret,now in tube version.
And finally gonna end this nagging again for a while with a photo that shows you that even if I bought some new boxes or cleaned my tying corner I will certainly need more space soon....Something to planning for next winter.

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