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maanantai 26. maaliskuuta 2012

Inspiration sources.Bulky flash slider.

It has happened all too often lately that I have took a seat behind my vise and found myself staring on a empty tube on the needle without a clue what I suppose to tie. Thank god there is many different sources to get ideas and inspiration from. My latest inspiration started from a Finnish website perhokalastajat.net were I noticed a pattern that immediately aroused my interest. After I read the thread further I saw that there is a story of that fly in a Finnish flyfishing magazine Pohjolan perhokalastajat and after that it was time to study my personal library and after some digging I found the magazine and guess what....SBS guide. After reading the article I have to admit I was a bit disappointed because this pattern including two of materials i hate most to use: -Craft fur -Slinky fibre. But i learned to get along with flashmaterials so why not with these. This pattern has two variations called Bulky slider and Bulky flash slider. Because I´m tying on tubes and Bulky slider needs Schlappen as a tail and I don´t feel comfortable with those feathers on tube I started with a bulky flash slider. I started with a small bundle with Slinky as tail,added two bundles with Flash,more Slinky,then some Craft fur palmered round the tube.Lateral scale on both sides and finally one more THIN bundle of Slinky.Whip finish and.....That´s it
When I took it from my vise I have to confess...I didn´t like it,but next day when I looked at again I slowly started to think:why not... I have not tested this pattern in water yet but I have a strong feeling that this is not a pattern that deliver in cold water,we will see... And as so often before I started to modified this pattern too,not much but I changed Slinky fibre to Body fibre witch in my opinion have a lot better movement in water.
Next step will be to tie a couple of "normal" bulky sliders as soon as I´ll overcome my skepticism with those Schlappen feathers as a tail on tubeflies. I also have some other ideas and thoughts but I will be back with them soon in new posts.

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