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maanantai 23. huhtikuuta 2012

Familiar waters

Next weekend I will launch my boat in Lovisa and I am sooooooo excited already,five nights to go,please let them go fast.The forecast who never lie to me said 16 degrees,cloudy and a wind about 5 m/s so even if I don´t wanna think of it my expectations sneaking higher and higher all the time,better to put some ice in the trousers at this stage,plenty of things can happen before weekend. Still got some maintenance to do on the boat before it´s ready but it should be an easy gig. A thing that wasn´t too easy was to get my boat dragged away from a slippery lawn,not even with my 4WD van.
It sure looked easy but...
Wasn´t able to get any longer so had to leave it to the next day when i was able to loan a car from my work. And today I came with a better car and had no troubles at all so i should easily sort out everything before weekend.
Not much more to tell you about right now I´m afraid,have been very lacy with tying but today the mailman brought me a package from Nordic angler so I hope I have some time/inspiration to tie some killers before weekend.

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