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sunnuntai 4. maaliskuuta 2012

Welcome Springtime.

So,even if there is snow and ice here in Finland and it´s impossible to go fishing for me there is always at least one sign for Springtime and that´s GoExpo fair in Helsinki faircenter,that´s were my Spring officially starts. I was visiting the fair at Saturday right from the start.Nothing new to tell about it,nice to see friends that you usually see only at summertime,to check out some new stuff and as usually buy something necessary like Visions trousers for boat use ETC,ETC..... Bought me some tying material to tie flies for Seatrout!!! Yes Seatrouts.I have a plan to go for some silver torpedos while the Pikes are spawning And of course I have to tie some flies for them too.
Still gonna tie some more but I´m not sure what kind of flies I´ll have to tie but I´ll guess they will be like those two I´ve already tied. But I have not forgot to tie some goodies for my aim target either.Noticed that I need some Black/Silver combos in reserve,Pikes destroyed at least six or seven flies last season so now I´m prepared for that with some extra flies. I´ve also have some new color combos in my mind,here´s one of them,a black fly with some red flash and a head of Salmon pink finn raccoon zonker.
Next step for the forthcoming season is Finnish flyfishing fair at Tampere,my plan to travel to Sweden Sportfiskemässan was ruined because I cant be away from my work at that time.After that fair it won´t be long before I can write about my long awaited season opener.

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