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lauantai 17. maaliskuuta 2012

Waiting for the opener.

Now it won´t be long before the long awaited season opener will come true.To be honest I had some thoughts that this will be the weekend to open it but I saw some pic´s from Lauttasaari took on Friday and...yes it could be possible to fish but thought that I will wait one more week,then it should be completely free from ice. I have to admit that it´s exactly not the opener I´m waiting for,little mixed up feelings here,this the season opener is more to get to open water and to lay out some line instead of fishing.I don´t have too big expectations of catch any Seatrouts. It has been interesting to tie some smaller flies for variety but....don´t know...miss something,I´ll guess it´s the passion for this kind of fishing. Anyway,here´s some new and probably last flies for Seatrout.(for this season)
And bought me some new hooks to tie Seatrout flies on Mustad S74 SZ-34011 size two so now I can also introduce the olive one I almost promised you.
So,what I really waiting for...The big Mam´s to arrive to shallow water,and after spawning...I will be waiting :) Meanwhile there has been more tying and maintenance of equipments needed for pike hunt.Have also get me some new stuff like new materials.As I told you in my last post I had some new material from Nordic Angler and I have no turned them from this
To this
I really like that Grizzly striped material,cant wait to get more colors of it.Here is a photo from middle of tying so you can see better how it look like.
The second material is called Nordic fibre.Here´s a fly with it blended with my favourite synthetic Body Fibre.
Things slowly but surely sorting out,had some serious problem to find Titanium wire but finally had a tip of a German shop (Camo lures) who had this BOA wire I was looking for. It´s the same wire that many use in jerkbait fishing. Well, I had some different use of it.
Some of you already guess what I was planning to do with it,that´s right,a trailer rig to some of my bigger flies.
I saw this thing from flydressing.se site and decided to give it a try. As main hook I choose a Partridge Universal Predator # 4/0 and as trailer hook a Maruto 8265 Carp hook # 2 witch I made barbless. The hooks are attached to each other with titanium wire and as tying thread I have used Kevlar and super glue just in case,gonna make a couple of them.Let´s see how it works. And finally a thing that should have been done a long time ago,yes,I washed my wading jacket. After many slimy Mam´s visiting me in my arms in a couple of years and without washing the smell was,hmm.....let´s just call it....priceless. But it wasn´t a easy gig.I could have had some use of a woman´s helping hand here. First a wash without that bleeching stuff or softener either.Not to use tumble drying either. After rinse I let my jacket hang so most of the water run out,after that I used some stuff called ReviveX and dryed my jacket with a hairdryer. A lot of work but I´m happy with the result,the jacket is as good as new. It´s amazing how a grown up man can get so exited year in,year out of the forthcoming season :)

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