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sunnuntai 25. maaliskuuta 2012

Season opener at Lauttasaari 24.3

Woke up 30 minutes before my alarm clock should have done it anyway,felt so fuckin tired after 2-3 hours nervous sleep,headache..dragged me out of my warm bed and looked out from window,yeah...a small breeze added with sleet. Normally I would have dragged me back to bed and go on sleeping,perhaps for the rest of the day but not today,I felt great,it was time for some kind of a season opener. In my vestibule I had already a bag packed from yesterday ready for today.But better to check it out one more time. -Striping bag -Flies -Rod -Reel -Landing net -Chestbag including pliers,scissors,leaders ETC,ETC....
Everything seemed to be okay so after some coffee I jumped into my car and drove to Lauttasaari.One more cup of coffee,put my waders on and walked down to the shore. The smell of open water,the cold (almost freezy)breeze,crystal clear water,god I felt happy that moment,I just can´t describe the feeling.....I mean...I have practice my casting all the winter on a local field near where I live but to be able to lay out some line in open water...it just felt heavenly. As I told you in my previous post I didn´t had too much expectations to land any fishes,just took this trip to practice more my casting skills. Anyway,I tied a blue colored fly called "Haili" pattern to start with.Waded out in the cold water and started to practice my double haul. After an hour or so I felt that my balls probably must be blue colored by now,at least my fingers was both white,red and blue and on top of that I had no sensation in them either so i thought it might be time for a coffee break and why not take some photos too.
After two cups of coffee I changed my gloves to a dry pair and waded out in the water again but could not be there for more than maybe 15 minutes when the negative side of this kind of urban city fishing showed up it´s negative side.....
A boat of this size makes waves of that size that I decided to take a new break for my own sake (wanted the water to stay outside of my waders) with some coffee added with a sandwich this time. While I was eating I had a this fellow as company and he/she seemed to be delighted when I sheared my bred with him/her :)
Well,after WE had finished my sandwiches he/she lost his/her interest in me and I waded once again out in the water among ice floes to freeze my balls of me. After about one and a half hours fishing I lost a fly and with fingers with no sense it would have been impossible to tie on a new one so I decided to give up for today. I bought me a new camera for a while ago witch should be waterproof and of course I had to test that too,here´s a photo of my version of a Haili in action
After this opener I went to a friends birthday party same evening and while writing this post with a small hangover and some kind of a flu on coming I still feel so energetic I haven´t felt for many months.Maybe I will do some Seatrout trips more this spring..I don´t know,it all depends on how soon I can have my boat launched and go out for my biggest passion,flyfishing for pike.

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  1. Nice report. Looks cold out there. Is that a river/lake/ocean and is there any current?

  2. Hi jeff.
    Yes it was pretty freezing out there but you know,after a long winter..as soon as it possible :).
    Lauttasaari is a island near Helsinki and it´s straight connected with the sea called Suomenlahti