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perjantai 9. maaliskuuta 2012

Springtime II

Now looking at forecasts I have to say that it sure looks good,next week says it´s rainy and warm weather and if that is what we get I live in a hope that I will be able to launch my boat in middle of April. But....This seasons opener will not be as usual,I´m gonna go for Seatrouts at Lauttasaari in Helsinki in about two,maybe three weeks. Well,to be honest I´m doing this most for practicing my casting,just feel it much more interesting to practice in water then out on some field even if I probably wont get any fish. Have to raise my hat to those flyfishers that year in year out fishing for only seatrout,I mean,I know guys casting about million cast in a season and land one,maybe two fish in a season,well,that´s nothing for me. Anyway,I have tied some flies..just in case :).
These flies has to be enough,simply because I don´t got more hooks to tie on,don´t think a 6/0 hook will work :).I would like to tie one olive green colored fly more but only if I find some decent hook to tie on. These flies are tied on Fulling Mill Pikehook size 1/0 and Mustad ??? Streamer hooks size 2. Will go with my pike rods 9# but will change my line to a 9 weighted Guideline Coastal slowint.Had me new waders Vision Ikon with Vision Mako shoes which will also be tested. The mailman brought me a parcel from my favorite dealer Nordic angler (thank´s Mikko)including some new test material which looked interesting and will turn into some pikeflies tomorrow.Would like to tie some already but to be honest(once again)I had me a big steak for dinner and also had me a bottle of red wine and opened a second bottle for 10 minutes to go so no,no fly tying right now,and sorry for probably more clerical errors than usually

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  1. Awesome looking flies Djuza. Those will definitely get a lot of damage if you can just find the fish.

    Just a few weeks to go before the season opener.....