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lauantai 25. helmikuuta 2012

Tying for the season opener.

This week has been a living nightmare at work with removing all snow from the streets and add some sand to prevent some slippery,haven´t been much more than working and sleeping. Well some tying but just a couple of flies and like every year it seems to be kind of panic to have enough tubes before springtime and a long awaited season opener. As I wrote in my last post I waited for a parcel to arrive from Poland and To be honest I was a little bit suspicious of the whole case but parcel arrived and the material was good quality and now I have many different colors in stock of this wonderful material.
As I said,not much of tying but here´s two.The second is inspirated from Nils Master 03 color,and even if silver/black was outstanding last season I landed many pikes with this kind of colors too.
And the 03:
Watched the newest Fly VS Jerk 4 Niklaus Bauer against Claes svartzonker here the other day and now I have to admit that it really burn inside me to go fishing,but still have to wait for about 6-8 weeks and still need to get a maintenance on my boat,Clean all my lines,tie a lot of tubes,make some leaders to them ETC,ETC and if I will be busy like this week at work the forthcoming two months will be over sooner that I even wanted :)

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