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sunnuntai 6. marraskuuta 2011

Fly VS Jerk 2011.

Woke up 4.15 am this morning and was at work for a couple of hours,came home and had me some breakfast and watched a stupid movie until I realized that I could do something better instead like write some lines about yesterdays fishing witch seemed to be the last session for this season. Yesterday it was time for me and my brothers Fly VS Jerk final fight for this season and I have to say that my brother took this much more seriously than I.......
I had only one fly rod with me added with one box with flies and just ONE line model slow sink against my brothers 4 rods+reels and and probably 7-8 boxes of different jerkbaits. Well,first of all I want to say that I hate everyone and everything that has to do with weather forecasts. The day before They promise a wind from 4-5 m/s --->well,it was at least 10 m/s.... The wind should have been from south --->well,it was from east..... But it was cloudy,just what they promised. I had a good feeling it could a good day anyway but when we arrived to the shore we noticed the water level was at least -40 cm:s lower than normally.at that moment I knew that it would be difficult to compete against jerkbaits...And so it was. Normally we would have fish only in deeper water but this was a competition so we fished alternately jerk spots and fly spots and we started at a jerk spot. The competition could not have started better for my brother,he landed a small bugger (1.2 kg:s) with his first cast....We fished for 20 minutes and.....well.....no excuses: Fly 0- Jerkbaits 4 (3 fishes and the biggest 1.8 kg:s worth 1 point) We went to the second spot with a black cloud over the flyfishers (me) head but this place was planned for flies to shine: 0.8 meter depth,a lot of water plants so I was optimistic at this stage. While I fished my brother was frustated because with almost every cast he had some weed hooked on his jerkbait and after 10 minutes I had two pikes landed against zero for jerkbaits AND I also had the biggest catch by my first pike 2.9 kg:s,but just before the time was out my brother had one clean run and of course ha landed a fish at that time so the result after the second spot the result was: Fly 3- Jerkbaits 5. So far it could have gone either way But the third spot solved this competition with my blank draw against my brothers 4 pikes including the biggest catch 3.3 kg:s. Not much to tell you about the rest three spots,the result of this seasons final fight ended 5-12 to Jerkbaits including the biggest fish (3.4 kg:s) leaves no room for explanations,except one...but I´ll be back on that later.

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