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sunnuntai 20. marraskuuta 2011

Some tying.

As I wrote some posts ago I just could not wait until December before tying flies.I feel it made good to have a break in fly tying,now ideas just flowing through my head and the only thing that limit my tying is that most of my materials are still packed away and I´ll take only the materials out witch I need for a specific fly that I have in mind. This one was tied yesterday inspirated by the song Purple rain witch I heard from the radio.
And this one was inspirated by the sunrise from this cold morning,I tried to catch both the feeling and colors on this fly.I´m otherwise happy with it but the blue color could have been a bit lighter but as I said,I´m satisfied with this too.
By the way,when I woke up this morning and opened the curtains and took a look outside I was a bit chocked when I checked the thermometer,-7 degrees celsius and forecasts promising some snow also to southern parts of Finland so...... Enough about cold and snow,I was with my daughter to our local mall and I bought Allt om flugfiske,a Swedish fly fishing magazine and I saw some interesting pike streamers,guess I´ll have to dig in my boxes again :).

5 kommenttia:

  1. You captured the sunrise nicely! and I´d bet the purple one´s gonna be a real killer.

    Have you tried the new hooks?

  2. Hienoja perhoja. Ei kannata kyllä talvesta vielä murehtia :) Vesi todella lämmintä edelleen ja pitkänkin ajan ennusteet näyttävät etelä-suomeen vain plussaa. Veikkaan että kausi jatkuu pitkälle joulukuuhun.


  3. Thnx guys.Living in a BIIIIG hope I will be able to test them on Sunday :)