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perjantai 18. marraskuuta 2011

Couldn´t wait longer.

Well,it´s true that I was to tie flies next time in December but.....I could not wait until that so even if I had packed away all my tying materials and tools I digged some materials from my boxes and bags and created this fly called Symphony because blending naturals with synthetics.
Including some Bucktail and Finn-Raccoon zonker for naturals and Big Fly fibre and Body fibre for synthetics. The fly is about 23 cm long and HEY !!!!The whole package is tied around my new hooks Partridge Universal Predator X size 6/0.
This hook has all feature to be my favorite,not too long shaft,big gap,strong but sharp and easy to make barbless with pliers.Have heard some praises,(SIIIIMOOOOONNN :)) Will hopefully be tested before winter.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful fly. I need to find a good source of Finn-Raccoon over here since you guys do such an awesome job with it. I bent up a few of those hooks putting the wood to some stripers but they held. Very nice hook for pike flies for sure.

  2. Looks I need to find a place in the states to get those hooks. Great tie buddy

  3. Hello Johan, this fly it´s atractive

  4. Just checked out some of these hooks this weekend and the X versions are especially strong. They look like some awesome hooks and would stand up to just about anything out there.