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lauantai 19. marraskuuta 2011

Golden oldies.

As many of you who´s reading this blog know I will soon be moving to a new place.Have been busy lately with packing and everything else that has to do with moving. Today I was packing away some summer clothes that I don´t need this year anymore and guess what I found ?..... You might remember some time ago when I told you that I found a box of my oldest flies,I forgot them until today. So now I forgot everything else and started to study my flies instead of packing.Oh god how many nice memories flowing in my head watching these "flies" :). There´s actually much more of them but I´ll show you some that was on top of the box first,there will probably be a part two at sometime in the future. So, here´s some photos taken with my phone because I have already packed my cam away and can´t find it no matter how I try. ENJOY :D
Here´s one where I have used probably used 10 Marabou feathers,remember it was not so easy to cast....
And finally one that at least look like a fly.This one have delivered some fishes,wonder why I have put it away times ago ?

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