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sunnuntai 13. marraskuuta 2011

More planning

First of all,Congratulations to all fathers on fathers day (not sure if you celebrate it in other countries).I was at work this morning for a couple of hours (flagging) but after some rest I started to pack and put all stuff together but very soon I got tired to do it so pretty soon I started to plan my tying corner to my new home. still a bit over two weeks to D-day. Anyway I found a perfect tying table and a chair to it on internet BUT.....It´s veeeeeery expensive and I´ll just have to convince myself that it´s worth it,not that I couldn´t afford it if it was just that table but I´ll have bought new almost every furniture so I still have to think about it. And after spending some hours at internet I decided to check out my dealers tying assortment and was very happy to find that Partridge CS86X Universal predator hooks has arrived to Finland,ordered immediately me 5 packets of them both 4/0 and 6/0 size,have heard some praise.... Also ordered me some different tying material just in case :).Very often all those most popular tying materials are sold out in winter time,I´m not the only one who tries to tie the winter away :). I have been very active with packing today and it look more likely that I will make one pike session in a couple of weeks.

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