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keskiviikko 7. syyskuuta 2011

Module flies part I

I had an crazy idea here one day while I was changing a couple of hooks on some lures of mine,I don´t know exactly how many days I kept on wonder and wonder but suddenly the plans were at that point when it was time to try to fulfill them. So yesterday late at evening I took a seat behind my vise and started to tie some new flies. The idea is to tie a small fly,Tarpoon model but smaller which can be fished by itself.
In this version the fly is about 10cm:s (4 inches) I prefer to fish this style when it´s difficult to make the pike attack your fly. Then you Got a option to put a small tube hanging loose on the leader and suddenly you got a fly 15-20 cm:s
By tying 2-3 "tails"you got the basics right.I tied the "heads" on a 15mm long tube.By changing colors/materials on the tubes you have a "new" fly by changing just the head of it.
These flies or should I say this fly will be tested next weekend with two friends to see if there´s any idea to develop them.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Very good idea, It´s for pikes imagine?

  2. Yes David,naturally for pikes :).
    This idea is so good and so simply I´m sure someone has already built flies like these.