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maanantai 12. syyskuuta 2011

Weekend fishing 9-11.9 2011

Have been the whole weekend at my cottage for a very long time,in fact this was the first time this year! I went to my small islet on Friday evening so late it should have been useless to go fishing because of the darkness,instead I had a good dinner and prepared my equipments for the next days fishing. I woke up to my alarm clock 5.30am and had me some coffee and sandwiches. While I was lookin out from the window I knew it would be a difficult day from a fishermans perspective,no wind at all,the surface of the sea was totally calm. Well,I wasn´t gonna let that bother me,not now when I finally had a whole weekend doing something I really enjoy. Jumped into my boat and drove to the first spot.It felt kinda ghostly driving slowly trough the fog on a totally calm surface.
The first spot for today was the small bay called Eldorado.When I came there I first listening to.....the silence,it was so quiet,not even the seagulls had any noise,no other boats ,absolute nothing,god I enjoyed that feeling. Because I knew it would be a tough day I started fish with LURES !!! You get a bigger area fished without moving the boat all the time. This bay called Eldorado was worth its reputation even today but only because I had patience to spend over an hour there before I landed a small bugger. Please don´t get me wrong,I wasn´t in any hurry,it was just that because of the weather I had a small plan to check out some new places today. So,after the first fish it was time to lift the anchor and drove away to check out some new places. I came to a very interesting place with some rocks sticking up from the water and a lot of water plants and of course some big bed of reeds,I was almost sure that this will be THE place for today,well it might have been if the sun just would have stay away for a while...
so,a totally calm surface and some sunshine....not the best options for some serious pikehunt but what could I do about it ? thats right,nothing so just started to serve some lures to them and try to enjoy the sunshine. I also saw a lot of migratory birds moving south away from the forthcoming winter.
God I enjoyed this feeling even if i didn´t get too many fishes,I really love autumn,especially in our archipelago. I fished some new places,got some fishes,not any big ones but it kept the mind up and suddenly when I looked at my watch and noticed I had been fishing for nine hours I felt it would be nice to have something to eat,started the engine and steered my boat back home,but on my way I once again get an idea,I saw a place were I often have passed but never fished before because there is a lot of stones just under the surface and the last thing I want to do is to destroy my engine on them but now I lifted the engine and used a oar to come closer,changed the lure to a Rapala Minnow spoon...Yes,the sissy lure but Who care :). I didn´t made many casts before I felt a heavy tug but lost this one after 20-30 seconds,a quick cast near the same place and this time I was more lucky.Landed a beautiful mam 4.1 kg round 85 cm:s,nice.....
Fished for a while on this place and landed some fishes too,among all pikes a pearch 750 grams. But hey,I was hungry and at this stage I was starving and now it was time to drive to my cottage and have a small steak and some coffee to dessert. I went out fishing for a while after an excellent meal,had some fishes but most of the time I just study some new places and find some interesting places for the later autumn.I went back to my cottage at 8pm,just before the darkness felt over the whole archipelago.
More coffee and watched TV for a while before I went to sleep so I would be at my best next morning. Next morning when I woke up the weather looked far more better,cloudy,windy added with some rain showers,After a quick breakfast I had my rain clothes on and then out to hunt,I had sky high expectations because the weather but after three hours fishing and only one landed pearch I slowly started to prepare myself for a home trip back to that shitty noisy city. If I remember right I landed 14 pikes and 2 pearches and enjoyed every moment of this weekend. Sadly I don´t think there will be any fishing this week watching the forecasts,heavy rain and winds from 10-16 m/s will probably keep me away from my hobby untill next weekend.

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  1. Hi Djuza, I still have a lot of reading to do (on your blog and others), but I see that you have been busy this summer, and caught yourself some nice fish along the way too!

  2. Hi Stefaan,yes I have been lucky at sometimes,not many blank draws and also got some decent fishes and one big fish.