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torstai 22. syyskuuta 2011

Rudolf the red nose....

No,no,no.Its not Christmas,I just call these new flies Rudolfs because of their red noses.Have already tested the red/white and orange/black flies and they looked good in the water especially the red/white. I´m still testing different materials,have still some issues to solve out with the head of the fly. On the two first flies I used Icelandic sheep witch have a nice move in the water but there are so few color choices so on the olive colored fly I used Artic fox witch has more color choices,hopefully I will be able to test it soon,and hopefully it works. Anyway,as you can see I´ve tied these on hooks,there might be tubes later. One thing I really like about these flies is that they will not be floating on the surface for twenty seconds after your cast,it goes under the surface immediately BUT it will not sink like a stone,it´s kind of slow sink and when not retrieving the line it hover in the water horizontally.It don´t got a up and down movement so it´s very important to use materials with good movement in the water.I have used Body fibre witch has slowly turned to one of my favourite syntethic material,it really looks good in the water.I also tried Big fly fibre but like more the movement on Body fibre. -Tied on a Fulling mill Scorpio 5/0 hook -2 bunches bucktail,one back and one on the middle of the shank -Body fibre (hopefully Nordic Angler will keep this material in sortiment) -Icelandic sheep or artic fox as head (still working on what materal would be best) BTW I love those eyes on the olive one,they look better natural then on the photo.Also from Nordic anglers sortiment.

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