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sunnuntai 25. syyskuuta 2011

Fishing 24.9 2011

Gave it a long tought but finally decided to go fishing to Lovisa on Saturday.The wind blew over 10 m/s,at times around 15 m/s from Northwest so I decided to leave my flyfishing equipments home and just use my spin cast and jerkbait equipments to see if there would be some hungry pikes out there. It was just as tough as I was expect it to be,the waves was over 1 m (3.5 ft) high and even in some sheltered bays I dont think that I would have enjoyed fly fishing. Started to fish around 11 o clock and as I thought it would be hard to find some active fish. It took me almost an hour to find active fish AND the right color for today wich was white/black/red,all fishes except one was catched with that color combo.
I catched 11 xs sized pikes in one hour and suddenly their eating just ended,not a single hit on any lure in any color for over two hours so I thought it was time to give up and go home after just four hours fishing but with this small boat and because of the wind I couldn´t reach all the places that I wanted to.Don´t know for sure but I have a feeling that the big ones were somewhere in deeper waters.The water has cooled down a lot but is still warm,think it´s about 13-14 degrees. The Sunday was a total contrast to Saturday with sunshine and wind 2-3 m/s northwest wind so I made a decision already on Saturday to stay away from the sea and sleep a little bit longer and just rest,I also had some fly tying on my mind,there was some one who didn´t like the idea because she likes to sleep on my tying material.
Well,finally she let me tie at least one fly model Rudolph.
Now there is nothing else to to then to wait for the wind to calm down so I would be able to give them a swimming lesson. BTW This is my older daughters cat Hercules.
Many people has ask me about why he is hairless,if my fly tying has something to do with it.....Well....No it has not :)

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  1. I think you had your revenge on the black cat for sleeping on your tying material, and took a picture of the same cat after you were done with her. :)