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tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2011

Fishing 17-18.9 2011

I spent 10.5 hours fishing at Lovisa archipelago on Saturday and it felt good,in fact it really good.The forecast betrayed me once again but this time they promised sun,it was cloudy.they promised calm,there was wind round 4-5 m/s. I had a good feeling about this day,and I was right.Got some fishes from every spot I fished,the biggest was 2X 94 cm:s and a lot of smaller ones. Also got one pearch 540 grams,I thougt it would have been heavier because of its length but no...
One thing I noticed was that the pikes were very greedy,I had a several pikes who had swallowed the whole fly/lure,especially the first one after some minutes I didn´t have any choices but to cut the hooks of the lure to get it out from it´s mouth. A very nice way to spent a Saturday,About 20 pikes studied my boat from inside,also checked out some new places.Here is a photo of the "sunny" Saturday....
o So I went home happy and relaxed and decided to do this again on Sunday. So,I woke up on Sunday morning at 6.00 am but instead of snooze I switched off my alarm clock and slept until 9.00 am and was at shore 10.30 am and was a little bit irritated right from the start. My mood didn´t went better while I was closing my car door and at same time made my spin rod 3 ft shorter.......FUCK !!! And today I had my sunshine and a totally calm surface but I decided to try some fishing anyhow. I started in a bay ful of water plants and after a hour I had a fish on but dropped it close to the boat,continued fishing for a while without any contacts before It was time to move on to the next spot. The next spot was a little bay and I anchored in the middle of it and took my fly fishing equipments and started to fishing.It took me almost an hour before I had my first fish landed,a GIANT PIKE;almost 11 inches long.......thank god it was easy to off hook that beast. Well,15 minutes later I felt a heavy attack on my fly,after a minute or two I had an eye contact and I felt YES!!! + 100 cm:s.After some rushes the pike seemed ready to surrender and when I got it right to the boat and was going to grap it it made a loooong heavy dive under the boat,nothing amazing with that except that my fly line had tangled to the trigger of my life jacket.First I heard and felt a WHOM when my life jacket was filled up with air,a second after that I heard a CRACK noise when I cracked my fly rod and of course I dropped the fish.....FUCK !!! At this stage I was so pissed off I decided to get back home,on my way back to the dock I saw a place and stupid as I am i decided to give it a try,I still had one unbroken rod (spin) in the boat. I put a lure on and made the first cast--->the lure hanged up on some water plant or something and SNAP --->a broken line and a lost lure......FUCK !!!!! Now it was time to give up,I went home,straight home without no coffee breaks or anything else either. Today I took my rod to Spey Clave and they will send it to Sweden so I think I´ll have to use my other rods for a while and my Sunday disaster is also the reason why I havent posted anything of this trip earlier,was all to pissed of.

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