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maanantai 3. lokakuuta 2011

Fishing fishing....

Even if there hasn´t been too many posts I have been fishing a lot but there hasn´t been much to tell you about except a lot of pikes sized XS in fact very small but last weekend I was two days at my cottage and of course I fished much. On Saturday I went out at 7.00 am in a wind blowing between 10-15 m/s so I decided to leave my flyfishing equipments on the beach. Wind from north,water level - 30 cm,not too promising and man it really was tough weather conditions. I haven´t fish with jerkbaits for a while and it took me a while before I had them to swim the way I wanted to. The funniest thing was that I tried with Buster jerks,Manta jerks,Hellhounds and everything but I had most landed fishes with my homemade baits .
On Sunday my alarm clock woke me up at 5.10 am and after a can of coffee and some sandwiches I vent for my brother at 6.30 am and now there wasn´t wind at all but it was cold and foggy. Today I started with flies and my brother with jerkbaits. I don´t know why but the pikes kept their mouths closed for a long while.It took us over an hour before the first fish was in the boat,I have to say that for me it feels so much better to get a fish with fly than a jerkbait,I cant explain why. Anyway about 12 o clock we decided to take a break including coffee and sandwiches and also took some time to make some plans for the rest of the day. for the afternoon we had some wind again +10 m/s ??? so I had to once again leave my fly fishing equipments. Because it was windy and cold we decided to just check out some new places without any pressure.Now and then we had some fishes until it was time to go home. I dont know why but of some reason I have not been too active in fly tying lately,looking for some inspiration. Have tied those Rudolphs lately and they delivered some fishes but I dont know.....something missing.

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  1. I don’t know either, Djuza. Sometimes it’s in the smaller details. Have you considered changing your brand of whiskey? It might help… ;)

  2. Hmm,could well be worth a try,but wait..I don´t use other alcohol then red wine with my steaks anymore.Maybe THAT`S the reason :)