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sunnuntai 10. huhtikuuta 2011

Sorting equipments part two

First of all I have to say sorry that there hasn´t been any postings for some time,the reason is that i´ve been very busy at work and some problems with my internet connection wich should be solved now.
The season opener is SOOOOOOOO close now that I can almost touch it and all my fishing equipments is almost fixed and sorted out with new lines and sharpened/or changed hooks,the reels is oiled and.....hmmm did I forget something? Yes,the boat of course,but nothing to worry about,tomorrow on monday it will be a maintenance on the motor and then after that its only waiting.

Here is some photos of my flyfishing equipments.Start with my first choice rods.

And then the reels.

And finally the light weighter in line weight #6.

Have also bought me some new tying equipments like Veniards bobbin wich I like a lot,but the biggest change was a new tying thread.
I´ve always used Kevlar thread but tying Bucktail was a bit tricky with it so when Mikko Stenberg from Spey Clave recommended me a new thread I decided to give it a try and now I have to say that I propably wont change back to kevlar anymore.
The problem is that I dont know even the name of the thread but as soon I´ll visit Spey clave again I´ll ask for some specs and tell you more about it later.

I have also tested a new store in finland called Nordic Angler and was very pleased with it too.
Bought me some usual stuff included Raccoon and a couple of some new materials for me like Congo hair and Water silk and of course I´ve had to test it on my Regret-fly and after some training this was the result.

It feel very soft and even if I have not tested it yet I think it will work fine.
By just holding both materials in your hand I think it´s very hard to feel the difference wich of them will work better in water but soon I´ll find out that too.

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  1. I really hope that your fishing season starts soon!
    Very nice fly!
    And I’m really interested in the tying thread you’re talking about.