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perjantai 22. huhtikuuta 2011

One week to go.

Lying home with a terrible flu as my pal,thank god I´ll can rest for four days,after that I have four days at work and then the hell breaks loose,its time for the long awaited SEASON OPENER.I´ll have moaned for five long months and after a week the waiting is over.
I dont give a shit if it rains 10 inches long nails,I will open my season anyway.I just spoke to a friend from Loviisa and he told me that there is very little ice here and there but after a week it should have melted totally.
12 degrees (celsius) and some rain right now in southern Finland is is very welcomed by me right now.
Got my boat from Maintence yesterday so there should not be any problems to wait for a while.
I had a plan for today to fix new tail lights on my boat trailer but the rain and my flu added with some fever changed it to some fly tying included with a test fly,not so serious about it,just for fun.
I built in two sections,front and back.
The front is tied in "normal" way but the back is tied very hollow.
Its more a beast then beauty but who cares,it will be interesting to see how it works.

The test fly is tied with Mirror image and water silk using bucktail in the back section.
I blended some pink mirror image with light blue and chartreuse water silk and I think the colour is looking pretty nice.
I also tied a usual fly vith these colours.

Have also buried the idea to tie some flash flies,it seems too difficult with my tying skills.Think it will be better to tie something like this instead.

As you can see All my latest flies is tied on a tube,I´ll think you will see more of tubes from me from now on,quit using eumer soft tubes and using HMH tubes instead wich are more stiffer and don´t rolling round the needle like a headless chiken.

Finally,yesterday I recived a package from western Finland included...guess what....
No,not Raccoon zonker this time but:

Now I have something to do if fly tying starts boring me.
That´s all for now,think I´ll tie some more flieswith mirror image and also going to test more of Congo hair and Water silk now while I´m in right mood for that.

Sorry for my confused posting,it´s just that I´m so tensed up waiting for next weekend.

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  1. Hi Djuza, nice beasts! I hope you’ll feel better soon, and good luck next weekend. I hope that your season opening will put an end to all of the moaning of the last moths.:)