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sunnuntai 17. huhtikuuta 2011

Now It´s just waiting.

As the title says everything should be ready for the opener,lines,rods,reels,flies lures,all the tools,have my boat on maintence and will have it next week.
Even bought me a new car with 4WD so I could put my boat in water in some tricky places too.
I was this weekend at the flyfishing fair at Ylöjärvi wich is near Tampere.

I went there with a "just watching" mentality and almost succeed with that.
Bought me some XXL-coneheads to my future tubes,also watched at a tube vice but actually I dont think it will solve my issues in tying tubes but Spey clave (a Finnish flyfishing Store) might have the perfect tool for me,will see it at next week.
Talking about Spey clave I will test a A.Jensen High tide #10 rod as soon as I can go fishing,tried it in the store and it felt very good and after a weekends test trip my rod collection might have a new member.....

And talking about rods i watched Alhospeys VERY BEAUTYFUL Bamburods (handmade)at the fair and I´m...I´m just speechless,what an art !!!

I went home from the fair yesterday and decided to test my new coneheads,I also told you that I have study some flash tying by watching Niklaus Bauers Piketube video from Youtube on and on and yesterday it was time to try it myself and I´ll have to say it was difficult,felt it was almost impossible to keep the flash in a dubbing loop so I think my flash flies will look like this for a while but I will practice and someday I will succeed with these.

And today when it was 15 degrees(celsius)outside and all my necessary things were done I took my time to train a little bit,it was fun....belive me....it really was.

Forget the perfect D loops.This is pike fishing :).

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