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sunnuntai 10. huhtikuuta 2011

Hook or tube ?

I dont know how many times I have promised to start fishing with only tubes and still I´m tying about 95% on hooks,why? I dont really know.
I think I´ll have to find out....


+ The fly should last longer
+ Possibility to change hooks (different sizes/always a sharp hook)
+ Propably cheaper to tie ???
+ Easy to change the lenght of your fly
+ Easy to choose where you wanna place the hook

- To change your fly it might take you some seconds more.

Watching this comparing I dont find a good reason why I shouldnt tie some more tubes and when i whatched Niklaus bauer tying a piketube and a sheepheadfly on tube I have slowly turned my sights on tubes again,just need to update my tube tying equipments
And have made a decision of a tube vice,I´m tired to play games with that fucking needle.
First nervous breakdown is when you need to attach the needle to the vice,it´s almost impossible to get it attached so it dont detaches when for example tying bucktail on your tube.
The second breakdown is IF you succeed to tie your bucktail then to get your fly of the needle.
Could this be a reason for not tying tubes ? Don´t know......

Anyway,here is a photo of my only tubes that has delivered some pikes.

As hook I´m gonna use TMC 600sp 2/0 or 3/0.

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