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lauantai 11. joulukuuta 2010

Some fly tying.

Have been so busy at work so I havent have time to write anything but today I have tied two flies.
The second one looks better in reality than in the photo,think I need some practise in photography.Anyway,the first one is tied on a Mustad 34011 hook,Bucktail to give volume and icelandic sheep(green and charteruse) on,3 microbarbs(finally)and a yellow collar of raccoon zonker.

The second one is some kind of a streamer with a body of red polar chenille.The "wing" is made of brown raccoon and the collar of black raccoon zonker,
and its also tied on a Mustad hook.
Its a shame that it going to take several months before i can test them in front the real judges.

Both flies are about 18 cm long,the streamer got a epoxy head.
It felt very good to tie again after a while,a BIG thanks to Simon and Steefan for the inspiration.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Great flies mate. Can see them pulsing,breathing,vibrating and giving loads of movement under the water.Everything a good fly needs.

  2. Very nice flies, Djuza! I know I’m not the real judge you’re talking about, but I would take a bite in them. And like Simon says, they will give a lot of movement.