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lauantai 25. joulukuuta 2010

Just relaxing.....

So,the X-mas is over,and at least I have eat a way too much of ham,turkey,carrot casserole and some different fishes ETC,ETC...
Santa brought to me a Navicons map card of of the eastern seashore to my navigator and all the same in paper way,and as a bonus a book of all the marinas from Helsinki to hamina so even if I planned to tie some flies today I have just lyed on the couch and study the map and the book and dreamed of some fishing trips to do after a couple of months,have even took some naps couple of times.

It feels so good just to relax and not doing anything,at least for now.
The forecast has promised a hell of a snowfall starting tonight and its expected to continue tomorrow the whole day so it might be better to get up steam before that.

Anyway,here´s a fly called Sofi Oksanen,if you dont know who she is so find her on Google and you propably know why I call this fly Sofi.

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  1. Merry Christmas Djuza!
    I googled the name, and it is very suitable indeed, nice fly.