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sunnuntai 12. joulukuuta 2010

Times changes.

I´m still remember 35-40 years ago fishing with my dad,ABU Atom 25-33 gr was the lure for the big ones,actually it was so big that I couldnt even use it with my Abumatic 220 and a 6 feet long glassfibre rod,I had to settle with Droppen and Relex spinners,and of course Toby spoons(the small sizes)and got some decent sized fishes anyway.

But sometimes when my dad let me try his ABU Cardinal 444 I always wanted to cast the biggest spoons he had,and even if I didn´t get any monsters I felt like the biggest fisherman in the world.

Well,now 35-40 years later I was here one day at the local shop "just to look around"
you probably allready now whats happend,yes,correct,I could need this,I could need that,I just have to buy it.
What i bought was 3 Storm kickin minnow wobblers.
10 inches long/150 grams.

I started to wonder what has happend under these years? I mean who would honestly anymore trust in a 4 inches long spoon if youre out for the big ones,even the pikeflies are about 8 inches long.

Hell,look at the difference between two lures for the big one.

Why?Is it the salesmen out there tryin to convince you that you need bigger lures for big catches or what?
Every year someone shows a bigger lure then the year before.Is it necessary ???
I dont know,I really dont know...
But one thing i know for sure,both lures can catch fishes,even big ones.

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  1. I think that’s fishing Djuza. Earlier this year I caught a 32 cm pike on a 24 cm fly, and a couple of years back, I caught a 70 cm pike on a little streamer (hook size 12) when I was fishing for trout. I also caught a perch this year with a fly that was bigger than the perch. So where is the logic in that?

  2. I agree,I also caught some pearches wich was smaller then the fly that I was fishing with,wonder what makes them attack.
    I´ll think i readed about a +10kg pike caught on a vulgata nymph(dont remember the hook size,probaly very small) last year in Sweden.
    The rod was #4,would be pretty intresting :)