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lauantai 4. joulukuuta 2010

One thought+fly tying

One thing that came into my mind because my friend at work is accused for a stupid thing.
He was dumping snow from a balcony at work.The balcony is above a door so he blocked the door from inside and outside with booms and signs,everything should have been right,but.....an older lady didn´t care about any warnings and went out from the door and got hit by a piece of ice,and now the insurance won´t pay anything because the warning signs wasn´t officially!!!COME ON!!!!.
Where the hell is a NORMAL HUMANS responsibility?If there is a sign saying DO NOT PASS,everyone should know its there for some reason.
Anyway,when I started to think about this case a little bit more it feels that society "trains" people to always find someone else to blame.

The question is:what can we fishermen(women)do?
One example is the seatrout,its exteamly endangered and when you read the forums (in Finland)the conversation is all about net-fishing robbery,the professional fishing,
in that country they dont care about anything,Why doesn´t somebody plant more fish, ETC;ETC...seems that everyone just accuse each other,instead of that we should all take responsibility for what we are doing.

There is still plenty of pikes in our water but for how long if we don´t take care of our waters,take our OWN responsibility instead of waiting for someone else to do something.
By releasing the bigger ones,using barbless hooks,have the right tools to quikly off-hook the fish and keep them at hand so they are ready when its time to use them,not in the bag.
By some small actions we can at least carry our own responsibility to a bigger ensamble.

Even if it´s not time to new years promises i´ll tell you mine:I use to follow those "rules" above and + that I promise to stop using a landing net no matter the size of the fish.

This story was just a thought of MY OWN and was not mentioned to get anybody pissed off,I´m not judging anyone.

And something totally different,also tied a fly after I watched the second movie.
I used a Mustad 34011 3/0 hook.
To the tail I used big fly fibre+2 pieces of rabbit zonkker,lateral scale.
And to the collar yellow,orange and red raccoon zonker,all twisted on the shank.

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  1. Hello Djuza,

    It really seems that people have lost all their remaining ability to think by themselves. It can easily be seen when you go out shopping now just before Christmas, they're like a bunch of headless chickens.

    Seatrout isn't actually endangered in Finland, it is to be considered extinct IMHO. Virtually all the fish out there are planted and they are not the original species anymore. All the local and highly endangered "native" stocks have mixed with the planted stocks. So i think that there is no original "finnish" seatrout alive these days.

    All the seatrout population also lives only by the aid of planting and the fish are planted just to be caught. Of course it would be great if seatrout could naturally sustain the population but it won't be possible for a long time. There needs to be drastic changes in fishing laws, trouts need to have places to reproduce and some common sense needs to be used when planting fish. Now they plant a lot of fish straight to the sea, so they never can spawn successfully.

    Just my 0.02$.